Busselton Jetty (that's seriously how long it is)

Busselton Jetty (that’s seriously how long it is)

What a drag it is applying for jobs. The world would be a far better place if you could just walk into an organisation at which you knew there was a vacancy that suited you, crack your knuckles and tell those in charge: “I’ll take it from here. And my fee is $83 an hour.”

Reality is a sigh-inducing mistress/master, isn’t s/he? It dictates that if you’re interested in a job, you must go through near-paralysing rigmarole: peruse the selection criteria, tinker with your resume, toil over a cover letter, submit your application, wait with bated breath, prepare for any subsequent interview, talk about yourself at length with strangers, undergo breath abatement again, etc, etc.

Like Busselton Jetty, it’s long, time-consuming to travel down and occasionally gives you the impression you’re going to fall through perishing wood and plummet into the sea. Here are my tips for making it a shorter and more enjoyable process.