The Magical Lavatory

Magical lavatory



Mystic movements

The office I worked at a few jobs back incorporated a magical lavatory.

By “magical”, I don’t mean notable for its propensity to host moderately quirky happenstances. This thing had its own micro-climate; there was always a harp playing in the background and you could sometimes see stars and the moon where the ceiling should have been.

Two out of every three times I visited it, something extraordinary happened.… Read the rest

The Haught guide to work toilet banditry

Highwayman with poo quote

Foul behaviour

I’m widely known as a man of the people, but even I, in my infinite magnanimity, don’t much go for crowds. Don’t get me wrong; I love a crowd when it’s overthrowing a tyrannical regime or when a segment of it, wearing the colours of my team, rises in unison and in a roaring crescendo outpours its collective assent to a goal.

And that’s the thing: a crowd needs a great and compelling common purpose for it to become a noble entity. So, it’s not the seething proletarian mob or the hot-blooded congregation of football lovers I can’t abide. It’s the crowd made of people who don’t really have their heart in the cause they’re prosecuting or the event they’re participating in.… Read the rest