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The Haught guide to “too much information”

There‚Äôs an acronym doing the rounds on the interconnected network of digitised information at the moment. You might be familiar…

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The Haught guide to loud sneezers

The problem of loud sneezers in the office is almost universally shrugged away as a mild annoyance. The idea that epic nasal detonations are on a par with double booked meeting rooms or coffee breath is dangerous conventional wisdom.

In fact, those who get to the 130 decibel mark or above are nothing less than a menace that must be ripped from the coalface, roots and all, like the insidious species of human weed they are.

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The Haught guide to small talk

What should be the subject of the mandatory conversation you strike up with odious or uninspiring colleagues? Here are a few aces to put up your sleeve…

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The Haught guide to work farewells

While in Barcelona, I once hid in a lavatory to avoid dancing. The Contiki Tour I was on took us…

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