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The Magical Lavatory

But the greatest moment of all was when I witnessed a bloke lose control of his pendulum.

He was a flighty individual and must have feared having someone standing beside him at the urinals; that was understandable. What I had more trouble empathising with was the exclamation “Wh-wh-whoooa!” followed a furious flurry of activity during which urine passed over the top of the nearby cubicle and squirted into his own face.

It was like a small child trying to regain control of a full-bore fire hose.

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The Haught guide to work toilet banditry

If you’re reading this and have worked in an office with mostly upper-middle class colleagues but never encountered the sort of lavatory foulness you’d associate with a cholera-infected Mumbai slum you’re in a tiny and very lucky minority.

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