A return to erotic fiction

Keep CalmVoltaire once famously said, “J’aime lire des gens copuler.” People during the Enlightenment used to wear T-shirts with those words printed on them.

During World War II the British Government released propaganda posters encouraging the citizens to get involved in nudie rudie literature.

In fact, every single milestone in history has as its very scaffolding a direction for the general populace to read about people going hard or going home… in the bedroomal sense.

Here’s my question: why stop now?

For those new to the blog, I’m an award-winning author of erotic literature and have previously posted short excerpts from my masterpiece, Cold Tequila Comfort. You can catch up now:

If you’re already an aficionado in the adventures of Hank Brunden,  Strom Ruk, Detective Inspector Gary Davis and whatever the sheilas’ names were, read on… and close the blinds first.… Read the rest

The Pat Raw Chronicles (cont’d)

Koala PatIf you’re new to Haught and haven’t yet got onto the official Haught Facebook page, you might not know who Pat Raw is. This makes you either very fortunate or very unfortunate, depending on how much you enjoy hearing about others’ bowel movements, D-grade sporting achievements and sex lives.

You can find out all about him by having a squizz at my introduction to Pat from August.

If you are familiar with Pat, but haven’t been keeping up with his latest hijinks, here are the highlights from August til the end of November, taken directly from Facebook:

Yet more erotic fiction

I’d like to begin this post with an apology. Sorry to everyone whose lives have been transformed by my erotic fiction and who have recently been without their newfound lifeblood.

(And if your life hasn’t yet been changed for the wetter:

Why has it been so long between drinks (or should I say Tequila shots?). Well, the truthful answer is that I was arousing myself so much with my words that I was starting to fear for my own wellbeing. That may sound like I’m self-satisfied, and that’s because I am. Hourly when I’m writing Cold Tequila Comfort. Which is precisely the problem.

Anyway, I’ve settled right down, and I’m going to give it another crack. If things get messy again, it may well be the last time Brunden, Broxell, Davis and the female characters (whose names all escape me just at the moment) grace the pages of this blog.

Read. Savour. Get sticky.… Read the rest

More erotic fiction

A few weeks ago I published an excerpt from Cold Tequila Comfort, an erotic fiction/crime thriller hybrid I’ve been working on. The response was huge. I received emails that made me squint such was the intensity of the glowing praise within, mailed underpants, several awards, eight marriage proposals, an offer from a condom company (they wanted to name a new brand of prophylactic devices after me: Haught Naughts) and numerous other things that I can’t mention here because my wife reads this blog.

The resounding message was “we want more”, so here it is:… Read the rest