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Australian President’s speech on Muslim immigrants

Hello. Welcome to the Haught guide to Australian Presidents’ speeches on Muslim immigration.

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  1. I agree with the statement made by..whoever. Hopefully it was pronounced by the Prime Lady of the country. Hiwever, if it has been made up by someone, eating or drinking, they are absolutely right:WHEN IN ROME; DO AS THE ROMANS DO. as simple AS THAT. do I go to a muslim country to wear a head-scarf,a veil, a gown a burca, to be operated on my genitals, to shut up etc…? NO, I DON’T. WHY? ‘Cuase I am a human being and I don’t go where I am not treated as such. PUNTO PELOTA!
    If they don’t like, don’t agree, don’t endure, can’t stans etc. – stay were you are and be happy! Why go there where you are unhappy?! Stay at home!!!

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