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The Pat Raw Chronicles – concluded(?)

If you follow Haught on Facebook, you’ll be intimately familiar with the AAA-class weirdo and anti-political correctness campaigner,┬áPat Raw. Or…

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Pat Raw: The Musical

The last installment of the Pat Raw Chronicles ended with Haught fan Julianne Rice suggesting that it was “only a…

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The Pat Raw Chronicles (cont’d)

If you’re new to Haught and haven’t yet got onto the official Haught Facebook page, you might not know who…

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The Marshall Plan

A great injustice is taking place as you read this. Sam Marshall – the man who single-handedly turned Haught from…

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THE RESPONSE: My email to Yarra Trams

You may have noticed by now that I believe sarcasm is the second highest form of wit (lavatory humour being…

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My email to Yarra Trams

Earlier today I gave Yarra Trams the benefit of my feedback. Here’s a transcript of what I wrote:

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