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Haught Take: 8 things that great bosses do

There are bad bosses, there are decent bosses and there are good bosses. But only great bosses do the following:

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Haught Take: Success Duck

Success Duck is both arcane and immediately familiar. He is an enigma wrapped in the most generic wrapping paper imaginable. He is a fraud. He is a triumph. He is all of us.

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Haught Take: is the rudest word “cunt”?

Other traditional insults and pointed adjectives aren’t even close: fuck, shit, motherfucking, corporal javelin. Pff. My grandma uses all of them. And she’s dead. She just shouts them from her grave as an animated skeleton.

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ParentHaught: Marilyn the Gorgon

[My daughter and I] start throwing Duplo bricks at Mum’s creepy bald doll, which is slumped in the corner of the room like a drunk auntie at a party she wasn’t invited to…

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ParentHaught: “UH-OH!”

We passed the pavilion and began to climb the hill towards our house when we all noticed a cricketer having a wizzle up against a fence of a nearby house. He wasn’t particularly well hidden – there was just a barely living clump of bush obscuring his dude – but we probably wouldn’t have noticed him had it not been for the fact he was emitting wind with gay abandon.

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Haught Take: inspirational quotes

I’ll tell you what annoys me about the ‘inspirational’ memes and quotes that do the rounds on Facebook and LinkedIn? Well, their preposterous oversimplification of the human condition, obviously. But also their ubiquity.

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