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My email to you (about why I’m on Instagram)

There’s something quite beautiful about a derelict edifice, but there’s also something incredibly pathetic about a person who comes and tends to the weeds and patches up the odd bit of brickwork in the ruins, if you catch my meaning.

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My email to Facebook

Facebook, I’m not a greedy man. I’m humble blogger. Some would say the best humble blogger in the southern hemisphere, but let’s not quibble over whether I’m the best, second best or third best. The point is I am a humble blogger with a modest goal: I merely want to scatter my iconic brand of highly literate sarcasm to the adoring public like sunflower seeds to ecstatic crimson rosellas…

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Haught is on Google+

If I were a gambling man – and I am – I would be putting the house – and I…

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The Marshall Plan

A great injustice is taking place as you read this. Sam Marshall – the man who single-handedly turned Haught from…

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Benign to Five on obliterating wank language

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” At least that’s what the character Syme from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four reckons. Syme…

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Haught is on twitter

Digi-vigilantism is even better in 140 characters or less: @HaughtFeelings

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Haught is on Facebook

Permit me to revert to the third person as I announce that Haught is on Facebook. You should see how…

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