Bucket HeadDuring the Boxing Day test Channel 9 showed twice as many KFC ads as they showed moments of decent cricket.

The ads revolved around two blokes who I’d never seen before (I now know they played for the Charlotte Bobcats).

In an effort to sell fried chicken to Australians, they filmed these bespectacled and tattooed Americans participating in activities with no relevance to anything and asked them to look as awkward as possible while doing it. They employed former Australian cricketer Michael Slater and a crack team of extras to laugh loudly in the background at their profoundly un-humorous antics.

I wrote an email to KFC offering my thoughts on the ads and asking for a job. KFC have responded with nearly as many words as secret herbs and spices in their batter:

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

I have passed this onto our Marketing department so they can review and take your feedback into consideration the next time our products and services are reviewed.

Kind Regards,

KFC Customer Service
P: 1300 553 899


Reading between the lines, I think Ian Healy and I can expect calls within the next few days.

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