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The Haught guide to “journeys”

I don’t ask much from you, dear reader, so when I tell you today that I have a task for…

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Resuming normal transmission

Haught hasn’t been running at full capacity recently. I first knew there was a problem when my daily visitor stats…

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The Haught guide to work farewells

While in Barcelona, I once hid in a lavatory to avoid dancing. The Contiki Tour I was on took us…

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Benign to Five on obliterating wank language

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” At least that’s what the character Syme from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four reckons. Syme…

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Benign to Five on knowing when to fold ’em

Is there a more frustrating end to a conversation than “get over it?” Possibly “whatever” or a massive expulsion of…

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Benign to Five on dealing with difficult people

Difficult people are a dime a dozen, aren’t they? That’s less than one cent each, and still you’re probably paying…

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The Haught guide to “learnings”

‘‘Learnings’’ is like a two metre tall, English-speaking, double-wattled cassowary in post-apocalyptic leather body armour on a steam train singing Broadway musical numbers. Nobody knows what it is, how or why it got there — but, my word, do they love it.

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