ParentHaught: Marilyn the Gorgon

ParentHaught - Marilyn

At my parents’ place.

Me: Hello Lucy. What are you doing? Playing with Duplo?

Lucy: Yuh.

Me: Can I play as we- Oh. OH! OH MY FUUUUU-

My mum: Oh, don’t be so silly.

Me: WHAT IS IT? Lucy, don’t look.

Mum: It’s Marilyn.

Me: IT’S HIDEOUS! Lucy – quick – throw Duplo at it.

Lucy: Quick!

[we start throwing Duplo bricks at Mum’s creepy bald doll, which is slumped in the corner of the room like a drunk auntie at a party she wasn’t invited to]


Me: It’s a gorgon, Lucy! Throw the Duplo but don’t look directly at its face.

Lucy: Gogo.

Mum: Stop this silliness at once!

[Marilyn’s head falls off]


Lucy and me: AAAAAAAAAAH!

Mum: Ha ha. Serves you two right.


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